Aerial Photography Services

The price for aerial photography services is dependent upon what is needed to acquire the images you need and your intended usage of those images.  I will work with you or your staff to determine the logistic requirements of the assignment and your usage needs before coming up with a fair and competitive rate.  When "shopping" for aerial photography services, the cheapest is not likely to be the best. 

A typical aerial photography assignment will consist of the following, all of which is included in the quoted price:

  • Determination of the exact location of the site and ground survey of the site, if required.
  • Discussion of your usage needs.
  • Aircraft, pilot and photographer.
  • Photographs taken on the next available day with acceptable weather conditions.*

Upon completion of your photo flight, all images will be placed in an online gallery.  You will be given a link to your gallery so that you can choose which images you would like to have.  Online proof images are clear and large enough for you to get a good look.   You will never see parts of the airplane, crooked horizons, or poorly exposed images...even in my proof images.  These are all signs of sub-standard aerial photography.  Click here for a sample proof gallery.

I also have the capability to fly and take aerial photographs at night, provided the ground target has enough lighting to allow for it.  Lighted sports venues and downtown areas are examples of sites that can be photographed at night.  Click here for a sample of night aerial photography.

* Conditions that appear acceptable on the ground may not always indicate conditions that are acceptable aloft.  Good visibility, for example, is vital to good quality aerial photographs.  Visibility may appear fine at ground level, but can be very different when looking at the ground through several thousand feet of air.  Temporary Flight Restrictions  that arise due to National Security issues also have the potential to cause a necessary rescheduling of a photo flight even on a day with perfect weather.

Construction Progress Discount Pricing

Repeat flights to photograph a construction project are eligible for reduced pricing for each flight.  A minimum of 4 scheduled flights is required for reduced pricing.  Please call or email for details about our construction progress aerial photography services.

Print Pricing

Professional quality color prints are available at the following prices*:

Size First Print Duplicate Prints
8.5 x 11 $30.00 each $18.00 each
11 x 17 $55.00 each $33.00 each
13 x 19 $75.00 each $45.00 each
16 x 20 $95.00 each $57.00 each
20 x 24 $140.00 each $84.00 each
24 x 36 $220.00 each $132.00 each
30 x 40 $290.00 each $174.00 each
Please inquire about print sizes larger than 30 x 40

*Prices subject to change without notice

Hi-Resolution Digital File Pricing

Digital files from a custom photo flight, formatted and sized to your specifications, are available for $45.00 per file and can be emailed, downloaded from our web server, or delivered on CD or DVD.

Stock photos from our gallery are also available.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Professional slide, transparency, mounting and lamination services are also available.  Please inquire for a quote on these additional services. 

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