Oblique and Vertical Aerial Photography Applications

Aerial Aspect Photography specializes in both oblique and vertical aerial photography.

Oblique aerial photography refers to photographs taken of a ground target from an aerial perspective, with the line of sight to the ground target being at an angle to it.  This is opposed to vertical aerial photography, which refers to photographs taken of a ground target while directly over it.  These photographs are usually taken at higher altitudes using an aircraft equipped with a camera port. 

Aerial Photography Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Ohio


Construction Progress

Would you like to track the progress of a construction project?  I can make bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly flights to document the progress for the duration of the project.  Please click Here for more information on construction progress aerial photography.


InfoCision Stadium/Summa Field, University of Akron

Do you need to show a proposed design as it would look in context with it's actual surroundings?  I can provide a current aerial image of a future building site upon which you can overlay a rendered image of your design.  This will help your prospective clients to envision how your design will work in context with surrounding buildings and land features.

University of Akron - InfoCision Stadium rendering
Image courtesy of HNTB Architects
Commercial Real Estate

Do you have some commercial property you are trying to lease or sell?  Present it in an aerial image that will clearly show the property's proximity to major freeways, secondary roads, parking, shopping and neighborhoods.  Aerial images can also be annotated to highlight street names, property lines and other pertinent information.


Chapel Hill Mall - Akron, OH
Residential Real Estate

Are you looking for a unique gift for a homeowner?  An aerial photograph of a person's home or neighborhood makes for a special gift that they will remember and enjoy for years to come.  If you are a residential realtor, an aerial image of a new homebuyer's home makes a great gift of thanks for your customer.


Ohio Farm

Are you looking for a unique way to promote an event or venue?  Most people do not have the opportunity to view the world from an aerial perspective. Therefore, an aerial image is guaranteed to draw attention to whatever it is you are promoting.


Stark County Fair - Canton, OH

Lawyers, do you have a case that can be helped with the use of aerial photography?  Traffic accident sites and property lines can be seen clearly using aerials and may be just what you need to win your case.


Intersection - Beachwood, OH
Vertical Aerials

Single frame or composite vertical aerial photographs are useful for municipal, construction and land planning, and legal and environmental applications.

Do you need a clear vertical image that shows an area as it looks now and not months or years ago?  Don't have the budget or need for high cost vertical imagery?  Whether it's an individual building or site or several city blocks, Aerial Aspect can get you the current image you need.

Click HERE for more information on my vertical photography services.

John Carroll University - University Heights, OH

Would you like to enhance the decor of your home or office with the beauty of an artistic aerial image?  I can capture a scene from your favorite golf course, landmark, or other location for a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Artistic effects can be applied to your image and special textured papers can be used so that your image becomes more than just an aerial photograph.


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