Vertical Aerial Photography Services

If you have a need for a vertical photograph of a particular area and you need to see what it looks like now, what are your options? Most online vertical imagery can be months or even years out of date. This is particularly true with smaller cities and rural areas. Professional aerial mapping companies can be prohibitively expensive and what they provide may be overkill. Your best option is vertical aerial photography by Aerial Aspect Photography. With my access to multiple aircraft with camera ports in the floor, and my custom-built camera mounts, I can capture the area you need to see. Sometimes I can do it with one photo. Other times I'll make several photo runs over an area, take photos at regular intervals, and then stitch the individual photos into one large image. It's a tedious process, but the results are worth the time. What you get is an image that is clear and current. Prior to delivering the image to you, I run it through a process to georectify major features such as intersections and prominent landmarks.

See the difference in quality between Aerial Aspect imagery and the imagery available from a leading online aerial imagery resource....

In addition to standard image delivery in either electronic or print format, I also offer a hosted vertical imagery solution. Your large vertical image is prepared, uploaded to my web server, and emailed to you via a simple link to an image viewer. This allows you access to the high resolution imagery without having to deal with a large file. Keep in mind, some of our larger vertical images reach the 200-300mb file size, which makes them difficult to share.    Feel free to play with the sample image below.   It's simple to use, and a very effective way to view your vertical images and collaborate with your colleagues. 

Sample Vertical Aerial Composite Photo 

Email me, or better yet, call me today at 216-337-5643 for more information on this service.


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